Xiaomi Civi 3 Disney Strawberry Bear Limited Edition

In a delightful fusion of technology and whimsy, Xiaomi has officially announced the release of the Xiaomi Civi 3 Disney Strawberry Bear Limited Edition, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the iconic Strawberry Bear IP. Revealed today, the design showcases a harmonious color scheme mirroring the beloved Strawberry Bear, complete with a plush super-sized Strawberry Bear adorning the bottom.

Xiaomi Civi 3 Disney Strawberry Bear Limited Edition

The back shell is a canvas of various logos, creating a playful backdrop for the enchanting device. The middle frame and lens circle boast opulent gold accents, elevating the Limited Edition’s aesthetic appeal.

Scheduled for release tomorrow at 19:00 in China, the Xiaomi Civi 3 Disney Strawberry Bear Limited Edition comes in a specially curated gift box. Included is a customized phone case, a magnetic stand with an exclusive strawberry scent, a phone lanyard featuring a soft pom pom, a transparent phone case, a commemorative card, a card pin, and charming customized stickers.

Notably, the plush Strawberry Bear head holder, made of classic plush material, magnetically attaches to the phone case. The Pom Pom lanyard enhances the tactile experience, ensuring a soft and luxurious feel.

The Xiaomi Civi 3, initially launched on May 25, features a 6.55-inch 2400×1080 OLED dual-curved screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, 240Hz touch sampling rate, 1200nit global brightness, and 1500nit peak brightness. With a 12-bit color depth and 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, the display promises a visually immersive experience.

Under the hood, the Civi 3 boasts a MediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra chip, LPDDR5 RAM, and UFS 3.1 flash memory. The Xiaomi image brain has been fortified, resulting in impressive performance gains: portrait speed increased by 35%, night scene speed by 57%, HDR speed by 153%, and continuous shooting speed by up to 235%.

Powering the device is a robust 4,500mAh Li-ion cobalt-acid battery, supporting 67W fast charging. This Limited Edition not only captures the essence of Strawberry Bear but also combines cutting-edge technology for an enchanting and high-performance smartphone experience.

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