Will in-wheel motor tech go big in electric pickups?

In-wheel motors became a reality in a production electric pickup for the blink of an eye—in the Lordstown Endurance. But the technology, also known as wheel-hub motors, hasn’t yet been confirmed as production-bound for any other U.S. passenger vehicle or personal-use truck. That could change in the future. Based on some pictures recently published, Ford

Tesla Cybertruck off-road mode detailed

Tesla explained how the Cybertruck’s off-road modes work Cybertruck’s off-road modes include Baja, Overland, and Wade The off-road modes came via an over-the-air software update in May Tesla added an off-road mode to the Cybertruck with a software update announced in May, and recently released a video explaining how it works. Like the off-road modes

2025 Lucid Air Pure is America’s most efficient EV

The 2025 Lucid Air Pure just became the most efficient car in America. The Pure has an EPA-rated range of 420 miles. The price? $71,400, base. The 2025 Lucid Air Pure—the single-motor, rear-wheel-drive version of the Air electric luxury sedan—continues to offer more range than the Tesla Model S for less than $80,000. Lucid on