Following observations made during Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s first day back at Milanello, some new ideas regarding his involvement in AC Milan’s mercato movements have arisen.

The news of Ibra’s return to Milan was announced over a week ago. However, today, December 20, was the first time he entered Milanello in his new role due to illness. The Swede met with Geoffrey Moncada and Antonio D’Ottavio while watching training.

Furthermore, he later met at length with Stefano Pioli for the first time in his new role. 

Due to his role as a Senior Advisor to RedBird and the management of AC Milan, he will almost definitely have a part to play concerning mercato matters. Whether that be identifying players or offering his opinions is yet to be seen, but he will be involved.

Following his first day back, Peppe Di Stefano, a Sky Sports journalist, offered his thoughts on the influence that Ibrahimovic may have regarding transfers, and his comments were relayed by Radio Rossonera

“I am convinced, given his experience and intelligence, that he will influence and affect, but that he will do it in the best possible way and with the right timing.

“He will not be a manager who will arrive and impose his ideas simply because he is still technically a manager only on paper and not in experience.”

What will the upcoming weeks look like for Ibrahimovic?

“He will have time and a way to grow, and he will probably do it on the field, not only at Milanello but also at Casa Milan, attending the fourth floor, the operational one where the market and the financial stability of the club are decided. And he’ll also do it away because from what we understand he could take a flight to Naples on Friday and then go to Salerno.”

How much involvement will Zlatan have in transfers?

“With names, I don’t know. How much will it affect the framework of the team, the mentality or at least the needs of the team? I think a lot. Ibra, I repeat, knows well and is also familiar with the physical characteristics of some players.”

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