London Art Institute Workers Say They Were Fired for Supporting Palestine

Berlin-based artist Rheim Alkadhi says she will pull her work out of London’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) if the center does not take accountability for allegedly retaliating against workers who have expressed solidarity with Palestinians. “I cannot accept for my work to be instrumentalized in the service of structural repression, weapons manufacture, apartheid or

A View From the Easel

Welcome to the 243rd installment of A View From the Easel, a series in which artists reflect on their workspace. This week, artists return to pieces they made in school, work with ambient soundtracks playing in the background, and share an update on their studio since their last submission to this series in 2013. Want

Shanghai Museum Welcomes Cats for Egyptian Antiquities Show

“All hail our overlord…” (edit Valentina Di Liscia/Hyperallergic, photo via Getty Images) China’s Shanghai Museum is not kitten around about Ancient Egypt.  The public museum situated at the People’s Square announced last week that visitors will be allowed to bring their cats to a special series of events commemorating its forthcoming Egyptian antiquities exhibition, according