In recent weeks, AC Milan has looked to their Primavera side for solutions to their problems. As such, it has seen both Jan-Carlo Simic and Francesco Camarda make their debuts. However, in the future, there may be a route for them to enter senior football without the challenges of the first team. 

MilanNews writes that the Rossoneri may follow suit with Juventus, by creating an under-23 side to enter into Serie C if a place opens for them. While Stefano Pioli has often found the right moments to entrust his youngsters with first-team football, offering them a chance in Serie C could further their progress whilst removing some responsibility attached to senior football. 

Simic showed against Monza that he has the physicality and reliability to make it as a central defender in Serie A, and didn’t look out of place to say it was his debut. As a result, there have now been calls to stop the experiments with other positions and give the youngster a proper chance from the get-go. 

However, should he not be deemed ready, or even when others return, there should be an alternative to the Primavera. In the form of a side registered to Serie C of players under 23.

One for those who join the club and are not yet ready for the senior setup, but are at a level above the Primavera. Maybe even for those who have outgrown the Primavera and again are not yet ready for the first team.

Either way, Juventus has proved that doing so is a viable model and one that the Rossoneri could look to take advantage of, should they be offered the chance to do so. 

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