Samsung Gaming Hub, a cloud gaming interface built into the Korean company’s TVs, is getting its own official video game controller courtesy of accessories manufacturer PDP, Samsung said in a press release ahead of CES 2024 on Friday. 

The controller, which looks most reminiscent of an Xbox game pad, will launch later this year and cost $50. It’ll come in “Replay Midnight Blue” and will say “Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub” on the back.

This controller by PDP is the first in the Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub program, which will see more accessories released for Samsung televisions. Samsung says the Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub designation will ensure that products have been tested for quality, compatibility and safety and will “guarantee the best possible game streaming experience.”

“We’re introducing more best-in-class products for players to choose from, beginning with PDP’s Replay Wireless Controller,” Mike Lucery, head of product management for Samsung Gaming Hub, said in a statement. “This is in line with Samsung’s continued commitment to give gamers more choices in how they play with Samsung Gaming Hub.”

Samsung PDP Gaming Hub Controller back


Samsung Gaming Hub also works with existing Xbox and PS5 controllers. While the Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub controller is meant for select Samsung TVs, monitors and the second gen Freestyle projector, the company clarified that it should work with most Bluetooth compatible devices. So, most likely PC and Android. Consoles and iPhone might require specific licensing.

The PDP-designed controller will allow for 40 hours of playtime per charge, a 30-foot low-latency Bluetooth connection, a dedicated Samsung Gaming Hub button and TV volume controls. The controller is currently up for preorder at PDP’s website and Amazon. A Best Buy listing should be landing soon.

PDP didn’t respond to a request for further comment.


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As gaming continues to become more mainstream, TV manufacturers have been looking at ways to appeal to gamers. Samsung launched its Gaming Hub in 2022, an interface that connects to game streaming services such as Nvidia GeForce Now and Xbox Game Pass. LG markets its OLED TVs as ideal for gaming, with Dolby Vision support, 4K resolution, variable refresh rate up to 120Hz and low latency. Sony, too, markets its line of Bravia XR TVs as gaming televisions. Considering that gaming is a $225 billion industry, TV manufacturers want to cement themselves as the best place to play. 

Samsung Gaming Hub works like the Netflix app on your TV, but instead of streaming movies it streams video games. Like Netflix, the quality of play is dependent on your internet connection, with a slow stream leading to a lower image quality. While our Samsung Gaming Hub review noted that streaming a game won’t look as good as actually having a console under your television, it was still a solid and serviceable experience overall. 

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