Honor 90 GT: New Armor Sets

In a much-anticipated move, Honor has officially announced the imminent release of its cutting-edge devices, the Honor 90 GT and Honor Pad 9, scheduled for December 21 at 19:00. The spotlight is currently on the Honor 90 GT, already gracing the shelves of the official mall with an impressive array of memory configurations and color options.

Available in 12GB + 256GB, 16GB + 256GB, 16GB + 512GB, and an extravagant 24GB + 1TB, the Honor 90 GT aims to cater to diverse user preferences. With sleek black, vibrant blue, and classic gold color choices, Honor ensures a stylish device to match individual tastes.

Jiang, Chief Marketing Officer of Honor, took to a microblog post this morning, teasing enthusiasts with the promise that the Honor 90 GT will establish a new standard for handheld gaming image quality. The commitment to achieving a genuine PC-level image quality experience is underscored by meticulous chip tuning and polishing.

At the heart of this visual revolution is the “extraordinary frame painting engine,” facilitating the realization of a “full frame without limit” and the much-vaunted “PC-level image quality.” In a departure from the conventional emphasis on frame rates, Honor emphasizes a holistic performance experience. The technological nuances behind this innovation are set to be unveiled in detail during the official launch.

Leaked details indicate that the Honor 90 GT will feature a centered single-hole eye protection straight screen, boasting a remarkable 3840Hz high-frequency PWM dimming support. Powering this gaming powerhouse is the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 flagship platform, promising formidable processing capabilities. Users can also anticipate swift charging with 100W fast charging support and a rear 50MP OIS main camera to capture gaming victories and daily moments alike.

As the countdown to December 21 begins, excitement mounts for tech enthusiasts eager to witness firsthand the Honor 90 GT’s foray into a new era of handheld gaming, pushing boundaries and redefining expectations in the process.

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