This morning, Xiaomi officially announced the latest Disney co-branded Xiaomi Civi 4 Pro Disney Princess Limited Edition. The device will be officially released tomorrow, June 27th. Xiaomi has shared the new device’s appearance, in-box accessories, and customized user interface.

Xiaomi Civi4 Pro Display Princess Limited Edition Introduction Video

This limited edition incorporates Disney-themed elements while retaining the original ID design. The Disney Princess Limited Edition features elements like the “crown” and “magic mirror,” combined with a purple color scheme.

The Limited Edition has an overall purple color scheme, with the back featuring a prominent magic makeup mirror, echoing the promotional theme “on the mirror.” Additionally, Xiaomi has added a small crown above the lens, enhancing the device’s detailed aesthetic.

Interestingly, based on the poster’s texture, the “magic mirror” on the back of the phone may actually function as a mirror. This limited edition also includes a built-in Disney Princess exclusive theme, charging animation, custom charger, and other peripherals.


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