Washington is the top state with the most responsible dog owners, according to a Forbes Advisor survey.

Forbes Advisor conducted a comprehensive survey of a total of 10,000 dog owners, with 200 surveyed in each US state in order to analyze which state have the most responsible dog parents.

And the survey found that Washington is the US state with the most responsible dog parents and received a perfect 100 in Forbes Advisor’s ranking index.

“Furry friends are well taken care of in this state, with owners taking care of their pets’ hygiene and mental health through socialization,” Forbes wrote.

Forbes also revealed the categories that the US state ranked no. 1 in, and they’re the following:

  • Percentage of dogs that have a location device (such as a microchip/AirTag) (83%).
  • Percentage of dog owners who take their pets to training classes (53%).
  • Percentage of dog owners who brush their dog’s teeth at least once a week (62%). Just 5% of dog owners reported never brushing their dog’s teeth.

Second on the list was New York, scoring 86.91 out of 100 in Forbes Advisor’s ranking index. While the US state ranked 2nd, the gap between the two top states was wide.

Meanwhile, Arizona ranked as the state with the least responsible owners, receiving 0 points in Forbes Advisor’s ranking index.

Forbes reveals, “The state ranked poorly in dental hygiene and preventative care categories.”

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Furthermore, the survey that Forbes Advisor conducted provided a lot of valuable insight into how well dog parents in the US take care of their furry friends.

Nearly all dog owners (93%) walk their dogs at least once a week, with almost half of them (42%) taking their dogs to the dog park to socialize.

Medical statistics also reveal that 45% of dog owners bring their pooches to the vet more than once a year for check-ups, while 43% take their dogs to the vet at least once per year. And most dogs (84%) have up-to-date vaccinations.

This comprehensive survey was commissioned by Forbes Advisor and was conducted and overseen by the research team at One Poll, a market research company.

The data from dog owners was collected for almost one month, from September 21 to October 13, 2023.

You can read the full article here.

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