TeamLease EdTech, IIT Patna and NSDC have signed a MoU to mark their partnership and accelerate the development of employability-focused large-scale innovative learning programs.

This collaboration intends to provide the option of work-linked hybrid degree programmes. The MOU between TeamLease EdTech, IIT Patna and NSDC will strengthen joint advocacy and support efforts to create an alternative format of higher education integrating high-quality formal education, skill development and employer connectivity.

These new sets of work-linked hybrid degree programs have five unique attributes:

  • Learning by Doing – The students shall be offered the opportunity to intern with an employer to gain practical hands-on skills.
  • Learning while Earning – Every interning student shall be able to earn a monthly stipend.
  • Learning with Flexibility – The programs have been crafted to blend online learning, skills training, on-the-job training, and in-campus learning experiences.
  • Learning with Modularity – The programs shall provide the option of credit mobility to the learners in due course of time.
  • Learning with Employer Signalling – This new category of programs shall signal skill building alongside academic prudence.

The programs shall provide an opportunity to every learner to acquire an IIT degree along with an experience certificate from the employer. Currently graduating students can enrol in these programs to earn dual degrees. They can enrol in the program through their smartphones once they have registered, which is attributable to an integrated technology platform. The enrolment for these programs shall start in the month of January 2024.

“TeamLease EdTech’s sole vision is to help improve graduate employability across the country by creating accessible learning and education solutions while tackling the difficult trinity of cost, quality and scale. Through our collaboration with IIT Patna and NSDC, we are all set to launch these transformative programs that will make higher education in India more employable and purposeful,” said Shantanu Rooj, founder CEO of TeamLease EdTech.

Prof. T. N. Singh, Director of IIT Patna, said “Our partnership with TeamLease EdTech and NSDC will help us design, develop and deliver a new category of immersive hybrid programs that help provide the learners with high-quality academics and the necessary work-experience.”“NSDC has been taking several steps in the direction of improving employability and skill building. Our partnership with IIT Patna and TeamLease EdTech is a milestone event,” said Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO, NSDC.

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