Nearly six in 10 employees in India believe their work significantly contributes to their overall happiness, and an overwhelming nine in 10 employees feel that managers hold the primary responsibility for ensuring employee happiness, emphasising the importance of leadership in fostering a positive work environment, finds a new survey.

Global matching and hiring platform Indeed’s survey of 1,219 employers and 2,537 employees reveals insights into workplace happiness among Indian employees in 2023, and sheds light on what makes them happy at work and how different factors impact their satisfaction.

According to the findings, a significant 70% of employees reported feeling happy and content at work, while 30% expressed some level of dissatisfaction.

“Our data shows that 88% of organisations prioritising employee happiness witness increased satisfaction among their teams. This satisfaction ultimately drives better job performance and engagement, leading to sustained business success,” said Rohan Sylvester, talent strategy advisor, Indeed India.

The report delves deeper into how tenure, sector, and organisational size affect employee happiness.

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Employees with more than 15 years of experience (74%) and those with 0-2 years (54%) reported higher levels of unhappiness. Long-term employees may feel stagnant, while newcomers might struggle to fit in.Sectors like FMCG (81%), IT/ITeS (81%), consumer durables (80%), and retail (78%) have higher levels of happy employees compared to sectors like automobile (59%), logistics (58%), and construction and real estate (58%), possibly due to stability and growth opportunities.For organisations aiming to enhance employee happiness, salary/benefits (23%) remain the primary contributor, followed by a positive work culture and interactions (19%).

Beyond tangible factors, employees value the company’s ideology and strategies (16%), its vision for growth (12%), and its reputation (11%) in contributing to their happiness.

Additionally, work flexibility (11%) significantly impacts employee happiness.

Employees highlighted several key factors as being key to their happiness – supportive managers (21%), meaningful work (19%), using skills (15%), working with a good team (8%), learning opportunities (6%), among others.

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