The story of the European Super League has overcome its latest obstacle. On December 21, the European Court of Justice ruled that UEFA did not have a case to stop the plans. However, AC Milan are yet to offer an update on the competition, which they have 35-year-old links to. 

There have been so many twists and turns in the tale of the so-called ‘Super League’. However, UEFA’s failure to convince the European courts suggests there may be no dragons left to slay for the Super League to proceed.

Whilst many of their former fellow members of the proposed league have reaffirmed their position or lack of one in the league, Milan have been radio silent. Potentially, this is because the Rossoneri are in action before other sides play this weekend, or perhaps this is due to the €300million exit fee, which could await them should they continue with their intentions to leave. 

The Diavolo are yet to reconfirm their stance, though they will always have a link to the league, regardless of its future as Radio Rossonera writes.

A formal proposition of the league occurred in 2021, though the concepts of the competition have existed since 1988, when Silvio Berlusconi, alongside the presidents of PSV, Ajax, Benfica, Bayern Munich, Hamburg and Steaua Bucharest, reasoned with the idea of creating an elite league. 

The project stalled in the 80s, and it may again stall in the latest attempt. However, Milan’s ties are clear to see, regardless of whether they remove themselves from the league.

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