Electric vans are one of the keys to Kia’s future. Bosch looks at automatically charging EVs while they’re parked. And Hyundai is setting the bar high for hydrogen. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

At CES in Las Vegas, Hyundai outlined its work to establish a “hydrogen value chain,” with a hydrogen vision that extends well beyond cars, trucks, and buses—to trains, ships, generators, steelmaking, robotics, air mobility, and more. To make enough hydrogen, it plans megawatt-scale electrolyzers plus Waste-to-Hydrogen and Plastic-to-Hydrogen innovations. 

Kia also at CES revealed a new global family of PBV concept electric vans that will provide a modular basis for last-mile delivery, cargo operations, and even robotaxis. Interchangeable modules, an integrated cargo-rail system, and a compact, maneuverability-focused PV1 model are all in the works. 

And Bosch used CES as the backdrop for announcing that it’s working with Volkswagen Group subsidiary Cariad to develop tech that combines automated parking technology with automated charging tech. Could the future include parking garages that return EVs fully charged?


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