Japan Airlines (JAL) is gearing up to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its inaugural international flight on February 2, 2024.

As the trailblazing Japanese airline that pioneered scheduled international flights in the Far East, JAL has played a pivotal role in fostering global exchanges and cultural trade between Japan and the world.

With an extensive international network linking 376 airports across 64 countries and regions, JAL takes pride in serving a diverse international clientele.

In celebration of the profound connections and stories woven over the past seven decades, JAL is unveiling a special web page dedicated to this historic occasion.

This digital platform on the JAL corporate website will serve as a captivating space for history enthusiasts, offering highlights, memories, and stories encapsulating the rich tapestry of JAL’s international flight service history.

The page will be a treasure trove of memorable tales and the evolution of 70 years of international flight service.

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As a heartfelt token of appreciation to its valued global customers, JAL is thrilled to announce a month-long special campaign — a complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi service on all international flights.

This initiative not only commemorates the airline’s remarkable journey but also aims to enhance the travel experience for passengers around the world.

Initiatives for the 70th Anniversary Celebrations

1. Launch of a Special Web Page: A dedicated web page on the JAL corporate site will take flight, chronicling the airline’s illustrious history.

Enthusiasts and aviation aficionados alike will find themselves immersed in a digital journey through highlights, memories, and stories from the past 70 years of JAL’s international flight service.

The page will be a living testament to the airline’s contributions to global connectivity.

2. Free Wi-Fi Campaign on International Flights: In an key move, JAL introduces a special campaign featuring complimentary Wi-Fi service on all international routes for an entire month.

This gesture is a nod to the airline’s commitment to enhancing the passenger experience. The eligibility period spans from Thursday, February 1 to Thursday, February 29, 2024, and covers all JAL-operated international flights, excluding code-share flights operated by other carriers.


As JAL looks back on 70 years of achievements and milestones, the airline extends its gratitude to the passengers who have been an integral part of its journey.

The special web page and the in-flight Wi-Fi campaign symbolize JAL’s commitment to fostering global connections and providing exceptional services as it continues to soar into the future.

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