Indian students have seen a 200% increase in internship opportunities in the past five years, said a report by careertech platform Internshala.
In 2023, business development and management took the lead, accounting for 44% of total internships, reflecting a strong demand for profiles in sales, marketing, digital marketing, business development, customer support and operations.
Engineering followed at 20%, providing technology-focused internships in programming, AutoCAD, civil, web and app development. The media sector contributed 18%, offering profiles such as creative writing, journalism, videography, photography and public relations. Design accounted for 5% of internship opportunities, while education and volunteering each held 3%. Finance and data science accounted for 2% and 1% respectively.

The report said 3% of internships offered pre-placement offers based on intern performance. Virtual internships accounted for a substantial 48%, offering work-from-home flexibility, while 42% were in-office internships, it said.

The average stipend in 2023 was Rs 8,000 per month, with the maximum stipend reaching Rs 1.35 lakh per month. Internships varied in duration, ranging from one week to 6 months, averaging at 3.66 months.

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Geographically, Delhi-National Capital Region held the lion’s share at 34% internship openings, followed by Mumbai (16%), Bengaluru (10%), Pune (5%), and Hyderabad and Jaipur (3% each). This indicates promising opportunities for aspiring students in these cities in 2024.According to the report, recruiters sought skills such as verbal and spoken English proficiency which was asked in 15% of internships. MS Excel, social media marketing and digital marketing were key requirements in 4% internships each. Skills such as search engine optimisation, creative writing, Adobe Photoshop and MS Office were also required for 3% internships each.Among shortlisted applicants, 33% pursued a Bachelor’s in Technology, highlighting a strong inclination towards tech roles. Additionally, 23% were recent graduates, 22% were third-year students and 19% were fourth-year students.

“In the past five years, internship opportunities have seen a remarkable 200% growth. That is a 3x growth since 2018. With the consistent efforts made by stakeholders, there has been a 1,000x increase in internship openings for Indian students in the past 10 years,” Internshala CEO Sarvesh Agrawal said in a statement.

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