Huawei Kirin 9000SL and Kirin 8000 Detailed

Huawei, a prominent player in the smartphone arena, is set to unveil its highly anticipated Nova 12 series on December 26. Among the lineup, the Huawei Nova 12 Ultra takes center stage with its cutting-edge Kirin 9000SL while the Pro debuts Krin 8000 System-on-Chip (SoC). The real-life images of the Nova 12 Series provide a sneak peek into its technological prowess.

Huawei Nova 12 Ultra’s Kirin 9000SL SoC

The Nova 12 Ultra boasts the all-new Kirin 9000SL SoC, a testament to Huawei’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries. Comparing it to the Kirin 9000S, the 9000SL reveals nuanced differences. Notably, the large core frequency of the Kirin 9000SL operates at 0.27GHz lower than its counterpart, the Kirin 9000S.

Digging deeper into the architecture, the mid-core configuration adopts a dual-core design, omitting one A510 small core. This results in a configuration of 6 cores and 9 threads for the Kirin 9000SL, while the Kirin 9000S boasts 8 cores and 12 threads. Despite these differentiations, both variants share a common GPU – the Maleoon 910 clocked at 750MHz, ensuring consistent graphical performance.

  • Kirin 9000SL: 6 Core – 9 Threads
    • 1×2.35GHz Taishan core
    • 2×2.15GHz Taishan core
    • 3×1.53GHz Cortex-A510
    • GPU: Maleoon 910 750MHz
  • Kirin 9000S: 8 Core – 12 Threads
    • 1×2.62GHz Taishan core
    • 3×2.15GHz Taishan core
    • 4×1.53GHz Cortex-A510
    • GPU: Maleoon 910 750MHz

Huawei Nova 12 Pro: Kirin 8000 Chipset Takes the Helm

The Nova 12 Pro, another standout in the series, features the Kirin 8000 chipset. Sporting an eight-core architecture, the CPU frequency closely mirrors that of the Kirin 820. Noteworthy is the GPU choice – departing from the self-developed Maleoon series, the Nova 12 Pro opts for the Mali-G610 clocked at 864MHz, showcasing Huawei’s versatility in chipset selections.

  • Kirin 8000
    • 1×2.4GHz large core
    • 3×2.189GHz mid-core
    • 4×1.84GHz Cortex-A55 ? Small core
    • Mali-G610 864MHz

Huawei Nova 12 Youth Edition: Snapdragon 778G 4G SoC

At the entry level, the Nova 12 Youth Edition distinguishes itself with the Snapdragon 778G 4G SoC. This variant targets users seeking reliable performance without the demand for 5G connectivity. The front design features a single punch-hole, a departure from the pill-shaped cut-out found in the 5G counterparts.

Huawei Nova 12 Youth Edition

In conclusion, Huawei’s Nova 12 series promises a diverse range of smartphones catering to varying user preferences. From the Kirin 9000SL-powered Nova 12 Ultra to the Snapdragon 778G-driven Nova 12 Youth Edition, Huawei showcases its prowess in technological innovation across different market segments. As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for enthusiasts eager to experience the cutting-edge features these devices bring to the table.

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