Honor Magic6 Pro Streaming Clouds Purple

Honor has recently unveiled the captivating “Streaming Clouds Purple” color scheme for its Honor Magic6 Pro, following the announcement of the extraordinary Green color scheme. Zhao Ming, the company’s spokesperson, revealed that the inspiration for the Honor Magic6 series CMF design stems from the breathtaking landscapes of China, particularly the magnificent mountains and rivers.

Honor Magic6 Pro Streaming Clouds Purple

The Honor Magic6 Pro Streaming Clouds Purple hue draws inspiration from the dawn scenery of Qinghai Lake, where a gentle purple morning light reflects on the rippling surface, resembling the flow of clouds over the lake. The design seeks to capture this ethereal beauty, with golden embellishments reminiscent of a sunrise casting its radiant glow upon the tranquil waters.

Honor Magic6 Pro Purple

What sets this variant apart is the meticulous attention to detail, exemplified by the back shell crafted from vegan leather. It not only reproduces the layered ripples of the lake but also adds a profound sense of hierarchy, delivering a unique and tactile texture.

Adding a touch of ancient charm to the Honor Magic6 Pro is the rear camera module. Its design echoes the classic “pillow shape” – a historical blend of square and circular elements, evoking a sense of timelessness. This fusion of modern aesthetics with traditional influences reflects Honor’s commitment to creating devices that not only showcase cutting-edge technology but also pay homage to China’s rich cultural heritage.

In embracing the Streaming Clouds Purple color scheme, Honor invites users to experience the serenity of Qinghai Lake’s dawn, encapsulating both nature’s beauty and the technological prowess embedded within the Magic6 Pro.

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