Salaries of CXOs and other senior executives at global capability centres (GCCs) in India have seen an upsurge in the past one year, as these captive offshore units grew up the value chain for multinational corporations, executive search firms and industry experts said. The MNCs are also moving an increasing number of global and senior-level roles to the GCCs in India. This is prompting them to woo top talent by paying higher than the compensation offered by many in the technology industry including products, services and tech-enabled startups (barring a handful of large IT firms), they said.

Taking a benchmark at the 75th percentile of the talent pool, technology leadership roles such as (chief technology officer) are rewarded about 14% better in GCCs on an average compared with IT services companies, according to data from specialist staffing firm Xpheno, shared exclusively with ET. Chief financial officers get around 12% higher while for the HR head, it could be 25% higher.

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Based on skill and fitment level, professionals and senior executives on the 75th percentile are the ones who are in the top bracket. This is giving the GCCs a clear edge in wooing top leadership talent vis-a-vis the others in the tech cohort.

At GCCs, professionals with 18-25 years of experience get ₹1.6-2 crore for the CTO role, ₹1.5-2 crore for CFO and ₹1.5-1.8 crore for the chief HR officer. Packages vary based on the pedigree of talent, size and stage of the company and the criticality of the role.

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