Ethereum (ETH) Price at $5,000 Predicted by BitMex Founder Arthur Hayes

U.Today – In a surprising turn of events, BitMex founder took to social media to reveal a bold prediction regarding the future price of (ETH).

Hayes, known for his insightful market analyses, confessed to having received a divine message during meditation, leading him to make significant changes in his cryptocurrency portfolio.

In a cryptic post, Hayes humorously claimed to have received guidance from a higher power, jokingly attributing it to Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of . The message allegedly urged him to divest from and express his admiration for Ethereum’s cofounder, Vitalik Buterin.

Taking heed of this celestial advice, Hayes reportedly sold his holdings and doubled down on Ethereum, predicting a surge that would propel the cryptocurrency to an impressive $5,000. This announcement follows Hayes’ earlier call predicting Solana’s price to reach $100, a forecast that has proven accurate, with SOL recently peaking at $99.6.


Hayes’ decision to pivot from Solana to Ethereum may be rooted in his assessment of the market dynamics. While Solana has outperformed in recent weeks, with a staggering 350% surge since mid-December, Hayes seems to believe that has more room for growth.

Comparing the two cryptocurrencies, Ethereum’s performance appears lackluster in the short term, showing nearly 10 times less growth than Solana during the same period. Despite trading at yearly highs, the percentage increase in ETH’s value pales in comparison to the meteoric rise of SOL.

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