A South Carolina dog, named Spike, finds himself in a tight spot after being stuck in his owner’s dryer vent on Thursday, November 30.

Unfortunately for Spike, he stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and suffered the consequences.

The Sumter Police Department shared news of the incident on their Facebook page and wrote, “Spike was sniffing out mischief when he got stuck in the dryer vent of a Warren Court home earlier today.”

Fox News reports that the Police Department’s officers received the report about the pooch getting stuck at 2:00 PM.

The person who reported the incident was a woman babysitting Spike. And she revealed that the nosy hound belonged to her grandson.

Officers explained that Spike had somehow managed to poke his head through the dryer vent while the rest of his body remained indoors.

The owner’s grandmother, Drusilla Harvin, left a comment on the Police Department’s post about Spike and thanked the officers for a “job well done”. She also revealed the whole ordeal took a little over an hour.

“I am thankful for the time and the care from both police and fire department for rescuing Spike, it took an lil over an hour glad I was home while Kam was at school,” she wrote.

The Sumter Police Department revealed that with the help of the Sumter Fire Department, they were able to free Spike from his “unfortunate circumstance” and has been doing fine.

The Police Department even jokingly wrote, “[he’s] probably looking to see what else he can get into for the day.”

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