American Airlines has been awarded $22 million from the State of Oklahoma’s Business Expansion Incentive Program.

The funds, to be received over the course of three years, will be used to further grow and improve the airline’s maintenance base and engine repair and overhaul facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Tech Ops – Tulsa).

Developing Tulsa Base

This financial windfall, spanning three years, is set to further fuel the expansion and enhancement of the airline’s maintenance base and engine repair facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Over the past three years, American Airlines has already invested more than $400 million in upgrading this pivotal hub.

Greg Emerson, American’s Vice President of Base Maintenance and Facilities, expressed gratitude to Governor Stitt, Lieutenant Governor Pinnell, and the State of Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

Emerson highlighted the significance of this investment, emphasizing the essential work carried out by their dedicated team.

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This injection of funds not only fortifies American’s commitment to Oklahoma but also lays the groundwork for an optimistic future for the Tulsa maintenance base.

History in Oklahoma

American Airlines boasts a robust history in Oklahoma, and this recent investment reaffirms their dedication to the Tech Ops – Tulsa facility.

With plans to add over 300 new team members in high-paying roles, the airline aims to solidify its presence in the Tulsa community.

The economic impact is set to be substantial, with job creation and the promise of a brighter future for the region.

The $22 million boost is not an isolated incident. It supplements a recent $31.6 million capital investment in the engine shop, earmarked for modernizing machinery.

Additionally, ongoing multi-million dollar improvements are in progress at Tech Ops – Tulsa. This comprehensive approach underscores American’s commitment to staying at the forefront of aviation technology.

Political Backing for Economic Growth

Matt Pinnell, Oklahoma Lt. Governor and Secretary of Workforce and Economic Development, stressed the importance of supporting local businesses.

Programs like the Business Expansion Incentive Program and the P3 Pooled Finance Program play a pivotal role in strengthening and growing Oklahoma’s business sector.

The ripple effect is expected to boost local economies and propel the state forward.

About Tech Ops – Tulsa

Since 1946, Tech Ops – Tulsa has been the nerve center for airframe and engine maintenance and overhauls for American’s aircraft.

Sprawling across 246 acres at the Tulsa International Airport, the facility comprises 3.3 million square feet of building space, six hangars, 24 aircraft bays, and 22 support facility buildings.

Boasting a team of nearly 5,000 members, the base welcomes over 800 of the airline’s aircraft annually.


The infusion of funds translates directly into exciting career opportunities. American Airlines is on a hiring spree, with over 300 positions up for grabs at Tech Ops – Tulsa.

The roles span licensed airframe and powerplant mechanics, engineers, machinists, welders, maintenance planners, and more.

The allure is not just the challenging work but also the generous compensation packages, averaging nearly $120,000 annually.

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