Technological progressions and industry changes in 2023 have set remarkable milestones, unveiling a plethora of career opportunities beyond conventional paths. These new opportunities not only engage students’ minds and interests but also foster a more expansive perspective.

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Here are some of the top career prospects for students to explore in 2024

1. Data Scientist: Digital has become the cornerstone of every business – tech or non tech. Over these years organizations have amassed a lot of valuable data that can be mined for insights. They are required to glean insights from both structured and unstructured data sets. Data scientists professions are in huge demand across industry verticals. Data scientists can command an average salary ranging from ₹14 L to ₹25 L per annum.

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2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineer: We are witnessing the birth of the age of AI especially after the advent of Generative AI. AI and ML engineers create business and application specific algorithms that lead to automation, efficiency and more importantly new possibilities. With access to tools like generative AI, businesses are imagining new applications thereby creating a demand of AI and ML engineers. The compensation range for these engineers can be between ₹11 L to ₹21 L per annum.

3. Digital Marketer: Digital media has grown exponentially as compared to print and outdoors media. Consumers are spending more time on their devices and have become the darlings of Digital Marketers. Creating, propagating, optimizing and analyzing marketing content across various platforms is a skill that is in demand by all consumer and B2B businesses. Engaging content is now seen as the pivot to a product’s success. Specialized skills like search engine optimization, targeted marketing, producing byte sized content, chat messaging and embedded prompts can attract average salaries of ₹4 L to ₹15 L per annum.

4. Cybersecurity Specialists: Most data, systems and interactions have become digital especially in the BFSI, Retail and Entertainment segments. Sensitive industries like Defence, Aviation and Infrastructure too have become heavily dependent on digital systems. Data is being exchanged at the flick of a button sometimes containing extremely sensitive information. The threat of data theft and manipulation is equal for both individuals and businesses. Cybersecurity specialists are tasked with protecting and securing data and systems from cyberattacks and phishing. These skills are in demand and specialists can be offered salaries in the range of ₹6 L to ₹20 L per annum.

5. Prompt Engineer: Generative AI is a marvelous tool for a lot of applications – content creation, data analysis, communication, creative, planning and even code generation. However, using these tools and extracting the best possible output is both an art and a science. One needs to understand the nuances of how these tools work and then bring in the context. Prompt engineers possess these skills and are in demand across various functions. They can earn compensation in the range of ₹5 L to ₹10 L per annum.

6. Green Specialist: Businesses and their consumers have become aware and conscious of the need to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. This has spawned a new genre of roles under the category of Green specialists. These specialists play a role in advocacy, preservation, conservation, and restoration initiatives. Roles are in demand across industries like energy, manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive, agriculture, construction, transportation, waste management, policy, research, and consulting. The remuneration for these roles can be in the range of ₹4 L to ₹40 L per annum.

The author is COO & Head of Employability, TeamLease Edtech

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